What is JYSEP?

What is the Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program?

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program (JYSEP) is dedicated to empowering Junior Youth (ages 11-14) to become positive and productive members of society. We, as youth and adults, recognize that the Junior Youth of today are faced with some of life's most difficult challenges and often, they must face these obstacles before they are ready. This can often lead to bad decisions which encourage the Junior Youth to make even more bad choices.

This program has been developed as a world-wide response to the needs of this age group. Junior Youth all over the world are participating in this program, learning how to not only deal with difficult issues, but also how to become leaders and inspirations in their communities.

While Junior Youth Groups are a weekly program for all communities, the Denver community will put together a one-day camp 1-2 times per year as an effort to bring several Junior Youth Groups in the greater Denver area together. By doing this, we hope that both you as parents and the Junior Youth themselves will see that this is not just one group that meets weekly, but rather a movement. They are part of a bigger process that works to give them internal strength so that when they face the world, they will change it for the better.

Recently, the Denver Animators (Junior Youth Group Leaders) went to an Animator conference in Phoenix where they have over 30 Junior Youth Groups and even more Children’s Classes. The community was filled with so much hope and inspiration and had a far more hopeful and inspiring outlook on the world than the foreboding picture the media paints for us.

Our hope is to create the same atmosphere here in Colorado. Your Junior Youth is a key to making that happen. We look forward to establishing an ongoing relationship with you (the parents) so that we can work together in helping your Junior Youth grow and become a force for change in the world.

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On Saturday, April 6, 2013 the first Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Camp was held.
We had a great day making friends with 40 Junior Youth Participants and 13 Animators.
We also want to share a special thanks to all the parents and community supporters who made this possible.

Meet some of our local Animators

Speaker 5

Amy Morgan

Denver Area Coordinator

Amy has been helping to coordinate the Junior Youth Empowerment Program for over 5 years in the Denver Metro Area. She currently leads a group in Arvada and helps to create engaging activities region-wide.

Speaker 6

Nisa Far

Junior Youth Group Coordinator

Nisa is currently attending college in Denver and has been the Junior Youth Group Coordinator for 2015. She lives in Aurora and leads a Junior Youth Group nearby.

Where do we meet?

The Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment Program of Denver is active in many communities from Arvada to Golden and Denver through Aurora. We meet in community club houses, recreation centers, police stations, and anywhere else that will provide a positive environment for our groups. Each meeting location is unique to the group in that community.

If you know of locations that would be great for groups of 5 to 15 Junior Youth to meet, we want to know about them! If you are a venue owner or manager and someone has contacted you about using your space as a meeting place, we are always looking for more places to meet and grow our groups.

Right now we are growing the size of our Junior Youth program. We currently have 6 groups operating in the greater Denver Metro area. If you're interested in joining a group or seeing the communities where we currently meet, please click on the link below.

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